Theft From Unlocked or Unattended Vehicle

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Theft AutoAccording to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there is 1 auto theft every 6.5 minutes and 156 auto thefts every day.



With life returning back to normal soon, it’s easy to get caught up in all the re-opening events and forget to lock your car.  Even if you have these forgetful moments, have no fear! If your equipment gets stolen from inside your car, you can just file a claim under your auto insurance, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Your personal auto insurance is really meant to cover your vehicle itself from damage or theft— not what’s inside! That’s exactly why most people with expensive equipment purchase a separate equipment floater policy (also known as an Inland Marine) to cover their high-end gear. Even with some equipment floater policies, they may require showing physical signs of break-in for coverage. So make sure to review your Inland Marine policy to make sure that it doesn’t EXCLUDE Theft From an Unlocked or Unattended Vehicle. Insurious’ policy does not have either of these exclusions so you can rest assured that your gear is covered in your vehicle whether it’s locked or not. Of course, we never recommend leaving your expensive equipment in your car.  It’s a very risky and not a safe way to store your valuable gear.  If you do, then you can rest assured that you’re covered.



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