Theft From Unlocked or Unattended Vehicle

Theft AutoAccording to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there is 1 auto theft every 6.5 minutes and 156 auto thefts every day.



With life returning back to normal soon, it’s easy to get caught up in all the re-opening events and forget to lock your car.  Even if you have these forgetful moments, have no fear! If your equipment gets stolen from inside your car, you can just file a claim under your auto insurance, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always true. Your personal auto insurance is really meant to cover your vehicle itself from damage or theft— not what’s inside! That’s exactly why most people with expensive equipment purchase a separate equipment floater policy (also known as an Inland Marine) to cover their high-end gear. Even with some equipment floater policies, they may require showing physical signs of break-in for coverage. So make sure to review your Inland Marine policy to make sure that it doesn’t EXCLUDE Theft From an Unlocked or Unattended Vehicle. Insurious’ policy does not have either of these exclusions so you can rest assured that your gear is covered in your vehicle whether it’s locked or not. Of course, we never recommend leaving your expensive equipment in your car.  It’s a very risky and not a safe way to store your valuable gear.  If you do, then you can rest assured that you’re covered.



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Aylene Villarin

Customer Support – Insurious


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As an Hobbiest Photographer I always thought I didn’t need insurance till I did.

Hi, my name is Maurizio and I’m the marketing director of Insurious.
I have joined the team recently and I love to tell a story that is symbolic of what Insurious can do for you as it does for me.



When my wife and I purchased our first DSLR shortly before our first child was due to arrive in the winter of 2010, I knew that I would someday want to learn more about photography. With a newborn to feed, change, and love, however, it was some time before that someday came.

Eventually, though, I found the time to teach myself how to use my fancy new camera. At first, I wasn’t very good. Over time and with LOTS of practice, I got better. As the years went by I purchase more and more equipment till I had two duffel bags full of it. My wife and I became passionate about taking staged pictures for every holiday so we had backdrops, stands, lighting and, some tripods added to our equipment. The cost of our equipment rose well above $5000 very quickly.


South Miami Beach - South Point South Miami Beach – South Point


One day we decided to go to the beach for one of our family photoshoots for an early spring adventure and brought all our equipment with us . It was a very busy day and we were surrounded by people so we decided to go back to the car and just take my camera with me while leaving all the rest of the equipment in the trunk of my car. I soon find out that was a horrible idea. After few hours I arrived back at my car to find the truck pried open and my camera equipment bags missing.


Burglar Jacking Car Car Trunk Burglar


While my wife and I were very happy we had kept the memory cards with all our pictures with us, we were devastated by losing all our equipment at once. So I took out my phone and start calling my broker to report the claim under the homeowner’s policy that I had purchased. An adjuster was assigned but after few days our claim was denied because our equipment was not stolen at our property address. I consequentially called my car insurance but they told me that my policy did not cover theft of personal items that are left in my car. That was the moment of realization that I was at a complete loss.

This was a difficult, pricey lesson that was better learned before there was a loss. My experience tells me that many photographers assume they are covered by their homeowners’ policy when in fact they are not. I eventually bought my equipment back and start looking for a policy that would cover my newly purchased equipment. To my surprise, it was not that easy to find one. Most companies offer coverage solutions only on location like my property’s insurance policy or offer insurance only to professionals. I later find out the only type of insurance that would cover almost everything anywhere I would go is an Inland Marine policy.


The name “inland marine” was a bit confusing as I thought it was only for mariners of some kind, but instead, it is just the type of insurance that covers your equipment wherever your pieces of equipment go. It is not tied up with any particular location and can be provided to regular people just like me that not necessarily professional photographers.


Later in life, I had two more wonderful children and to this day I enjoy taking pictures with my whole family during the holidays. Amazingly enough, I have joined the team of a company that provides such insurance services to hobbyist photographers such as myself.



Halloween Photography Halloween Photography


Because of my life experience I recommend everybody to check their policy and make sure the coverage is appropriate.


At Insurious, we have created an online insurance solution just for any photographer. You can customize your coverage to your preferences and ask as many questions to an operator via our live chat.


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Article by

Maurizio Festa

Marketing Director – Insurious



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What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

What You Don’t Know About Insurance Claims that CAN Hurt You

It’s the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the corner that we don’t want to talk about. INSURANCE.  This topic sits at or near the top of the list of things that we don’t like to talk about.  Not only do we not like to talk about it, we certainly don’t take the time to read all of the literature that we get once we buy insurance and we certainly don’t read the actual policy itself.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Now back to the gorilla. You just had your (insert valuable belonging here)  stolen while you were out of the house.  Now what? You call your insurance company to file a claim. The first thing you will be asked to provide is a police report and a receipt or proof of purchase.

You submit the requested information to the insurance company’s claims department. The police report reflects that the theft took place while you were away from the house. Why is this important? Back to the gorilla (that insurance policy that you didn’t read). Somewhere in all of those pages was language that states that as soon as your personal property leaves the “premises”, your coverage does NOT go with it. CLAIM DENIED!!! 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The remedy is what’s called an “Inland Marine Floater Policy”. Wait, a what??? Yes, that’s what it’s called. This type policy covers your property wherever it goes and in most cases it will provide coverage worldwide.  This type of policy became known as a “floater” since the property to which coverage was originally extended was essentially “floating.” The coverage has grown to include property involves an element of transportation.

If only there were a way to get this type of coverage without having to jump through hoops and spend hours seeking quotes and getting bombarded by insurance agents and robo-calls.  Well, now there is! The team of experts at Insurious have tamed the gorilla and have a “Seriously Easy” process in place to obtain insurance that covers all of those risks that your homeowners and renters policy does not. Visit and get a quote in seven mins or less!

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